Wednesday, 26 July 2017


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me
When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away
When you are happy I pray that it's because you are with me
When you are sad I pray that you'll seek comfort in me
When I'm sad only you can lighten me up
When I smile only you can be the reason
When I dance it's coz you make me want to
When I fall it's cause I know you'll lift me up
When I love, I love only you

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

When it's you

Set me on fire, go and let me burn
Cause my heart’s desires give no return
I’m a mask covering failure
Only held together by a faintly beating heart
I’m a void that no one can fill
A mistake that no one can correct
I did you wrong so you saw my bad

Everybody hurts, or so it is said
 But you can only understand when it’s you
Everyone causes someone some pain
And it’s hard to admit when it’s you

Let’s take the truth as it is
Face consequences as they come
Follow our hearts as they break and break with them
Let’s take one for the couples that never were
One for the love that was never felt
And one for the future that we never saw
Besides, everybody dies, but the point gets home
When it’s you

Friday, 14 July 2017


He says

I'm a list of unwritten words
A Concoction of unexpressed emotions
A dry network of veins
I have a shell around my heart
A cage around my soul
An interest in a girl
But a fear of it all

She says

She can read him within his unwritten words
She can feel the emotions he tries so desperately to conceal
She can show him all the ways his dry veins make her moist
She can fight punch by punch to his heart past that seal
She can see beyond that cage where his soul has a voice

An 'interest' is not much to her my dear,
But, she'll be waiting, when he feels Her deeper than he feels fear.