It’s clear from the distance where I stand that you are deeply into it with her, in love

Your eyes dear friend when you speak of her they sparkle with pride like the morning star

She has your heart, that’s for sure, but dear friend is she really right for you?

Without all the lies that you told her about where you are from

And all the money you pretended to have just to please her

Would she still stick around if she found out the truth?

Because let’s be honest dear friend

When you show up at her doorstep without a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate

You get the reception of a pizza delivery guy only worse without the pizza

Would she still stick around if she found out the truth?

That you are a chauffeur and the car you drive her around in is your workplace

That the expensive places you take her out to squeeze every last coin from your pocket

Or that the golden necklace you gave her last valentines belonged to your bosses side kick

Pull all these together friend and tell me, is she right?

If you proposed today and she said yes would it be because you blinded her with money

Or because she genuinely feels for you?

If you told her you couldn’t afford a honeymoon would she smile and tell you to relax because all she needs is you?

Think dear friend.

Because I see nothing in her eyes to sell love

I hear nothing in her tone to suggest love

I see nothing in her actions to express love.

But I wouldn’t blame her, I blame you

For selling to her a man who doesn’t exist!
©  2017


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