Wednesday, 6 January 2016

tashreef Chronicles (introduction)

Its 9pm December 14 2022 and am driving fast down the Nairobi-Turkana highway hoping to get to the Nairobi Hospital before my baby comes along. At this point i feel am in love with whoever constructed the road since theres very little traffic- an assurance of getting there on time. There is a lot on my mind, like how is my beautiful wife Marble holding up?, is everything biologically okay?, might i miss my baby's birth!!!!? the accelerator finds its way to the floor such that my foot relaxes and the engine hums a bit louder but runs smooth anyway. The speedometer reads 180, but the momentum feels something short of 100. I had hoped to be back two days before today just in time to receive my child into the world. However, there had been complications at the oil wells in Turkana that my engineer self had to work out before leaving (damn work and its necessity!)

Now the phone is ringing-its my brother-in-law- but even picking up from my headset is  proving difficult so I ignore it although I can guess what he has to say. the sweat on my forehead  and cheeks creates a blur on my glasses that I force my eyes to see through. Am on a mission and it has to be accomplished. 
Am getting closer to the 'concrete in the jungle' since i can see the lights and hear the electronic trains hooting as they presumably enter the station. Nonetheless I can see a distinct shade of light speeding  towards me. Suddenly,...........continues

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