Monday, 18 January 2016

Tashreef Chronicles Cont 2

We slide swiftly into an empty parking space just past the main entrance of Nairobi hospital
and I call out for a nurse until one comes to us and takes Bayang with him for a quick check up to see if he is okay. I follow them first to mark the room he is in and then  rush to the maternity ward where my beloved should have, by now, brought to life our baby- a boy I hope. ...........
Am breathing heavily-more of a heave than a breathe- and the sharp cry of a baby pierces into my ears tilting my movement into its direction. I cannot keep my expectations from showing on my face. that cry was definitely that of a boy." I tell myself in the midst of the rush. "well, not definitely since judging from the pitch of that voice it could be a very loud girl, but who's asking? we wanted a baby and here He was....... or she.  as i advance the room where my wife is, the child's cry gets louder and an additional one comes up. A happy-sad kind of cry from a person who has just gone through an excruciating pain right before holding, in her hands, a bundle of immense joy.  My brother in-law awakens me from the awing moment that catches me when i peep through the rectangular window-screened part of the door. A heavy pat on the back with congratulations in abundance. excited, I push open the door, rush to where my wife is and lay a kiss on her lips-that I doubt she has ever had before- leaving her breathless-literally- for a short while. "Am really sorry I missed it cakes, Am really sorry." I apologize. 'under normal circumstances I would have expected a ten to twenty minute scuffle or longer depending on what wrong I have done,' but today God is in my favor and forgiveness comes in like it really had to. guess the baby is already proving to be of help to me :-) ..interesting, no?
 I ask to hold my child so I can feel him or her and the nurse says "Be gentle with the boy, dont squeeze his air out." Its a BOY! Yes yes yes!. In the course of the excitement filling the room-or perhaps just me because wifey falls asleep a few minutes after I take the BOY- "Tashreef!" I let out. "Tashreef will be his name." (ofcourse we'll have to discuss this when 'she' wakes up, but am quite certain that she will like it.
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