Saturday, 9 January 2016

Tashreef chronicles cont 1

The steering wheel seems to escape my control and so does the vehicle.  I can hear a scream-certainly not mine- except its coming from inside the car. Somehow I recapture control of the wheel and steer left  just in time to miss a collision with the ‘pimped up’ passenger bus whose control is clearly no longer with the driver.  I step hard on the brakes and when the vehicle comes to a halt I look back to see the on goings first from inside the car then I step out. The bus rams successively into the jersey barriers until it finally comes to a stop aided by the protruding steel from the last two barriers.  I run to the site fearing for the worst. Fortunately there are no fatalities-God really does exist. Most of the passengers are hurt, but the driver’s condition is worse seeing that his part of the vehicle was the worst hit. Others who had witnessed the incident rush to the scene and together we work to pull everyone out of the carnage. Before long, the Nairobi county government ambulances arrive in tens and the victims are rushed to hospital. It’s a relief that everyone there is okay.

On getting back to my motor I recall the scream that I had heard earlier. I open the back door and lying there unconscious is Bayang. Silly boy must have snack in as I was bidding his parents goodbye at their house where I had been staying while in Turkana. He probably hit his head in the course of the melee that had just taken place. I check his pulse and its utterly weak hence the need to get to the hospital even faster. 

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