Monday, 26 October 2015

I hate America I love Africa

Lets face it,Africa will always be a dump site for america for as long as it takes us to finally stand up for ourselves and become fully independent. If we are being honest and real then allow me to curse the big U.S.A  for the tribulations they have caused our continent all in the name of aid-and AIDS.  What is it about our success that bugs them? Is it the fact that we have abundant manpower, or is it the hopes and dreams that they hear we have for our future? Does is it really hurt so much to see another continent growing and becoming utterly powerful?
Who said, in the many years that the US has had independence, that they attained freedom so as to oppress others? Africa has woken up to a new dawn that threatens to thrush the other economies in the world and that is exactly what they(U.S.A) fear.  They threaten our freedom to be who we are, with all the qualities that make us unique. We are constantly made to believe that our leaders are selfish and have nothing but their own interests at heart. My question is, was that the case with Gaddafi? A man who had changed Libya for more than just 'the better'.  He had to be ousted because they were not comfortable with an African country and its people living comfortably with zero dependence on them(U.S.A).  This great Libyan leader had plans for Africa. Ones that would change how the rest of the world views us.Libyans didn't have to pay taxes, they had free education form elementary school to whichever level they wanted to reach(Iwould have completed my PHD by now if I lived there). Gaddafi was spearheading the establishment of  the African Development Bank that would greatly reduce and finally abolish pour dependence on the predatory IMF and that scared them. I can only imagine the conversation they had while conspiring to baptize him a dictator and how to incite his own people to kill him. And the fools fell for it. Look at their condition now. The 'fighters' from Benghazi that were funded by the nato(small letters because its nothing but shit)  are now all confirmed members of isis (a disgrace to the Islamic religion) busy creating unrest in North Africa and the Arab states.  In short, the people who are brave enough to stand against the west are always a target. They die for us while we cow away and leave them in agony-ALONE-instead of standing with them. This kind of reminds me about God. These people have grown so thirsty for power that they want to be greater than God but we all know that that will never happen because He made them who they are in the first place. They must have shared genes with the same crowd that cheered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ feeling triumphant and all. God teaches us to Love, but he made us humans so we can learn the hard way. so we can learn not to hate, but somehow this feeling is something I cant shake off. Anyway, my point is, Africa is nothing but rich in every way. say labor, we have it. say resources, we have them in plenty and that right there is why there is a new scramble for Africa. The only problem for them, is that we are now learned, armed, and ready to fight back when our freedom is violated. We are a threat to their success,and that creates a threat to our lives.
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