Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weather & Innocence

If the season today was autumn and I was a leaf
 I'd fall for the one who runs through my mind like pebbles on muddy ground on a rainy day,
If the snow was to turn color I'd wish that it takes up her complexion because it's golden and worth the merry,
 I know this cos' when the nimbus clouds are hanging low and full of water I can relate,
My heart is a cloud full of expectations for the days ahead of us,
I'd want to be the one to take away her innocence and make her guilty of loving me till I die,
I wouldn't want to rip it off, cos' that would be painful,
 I would want to slide in amidst heaves of pleasure giving her no reason to accuse me of using her,
I'd live to impress her not because I don't believe in myself but because I believe  that am only myself when am with her,
 I know not about the minute following the next,
 I don't know about the hours behind my little time with her,
but I know that wherever time takes me she tags along...
©  2015

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