Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The sea

If my emotions were fraudulent and I didnt really mean the words I said,
If I acted like a dictator when i should have been democratic, if I hurt you when all I should have done was please you,
Then am sorry, lets burn the hatchet, put it in an urn and throw it in the sea

 I might have lost my cool,
acted so much like a fool
let words out of my mouth with no rue
But in my heart i always knew I was meant for you

take this to be an apology watermarking my confession
take it to be a poem with the rhythm of a song
let it calm down your anger for a while- completely
Let the sea see that we are meant to be

Am not good at extensive expressions through writing
therefore, accord me the chance to see your face in person-lets talk
so u can see the sincerity on my face
the acceleration of my hearts pace
how without you I can never win the race
I said I was sorry, now let me show you
then with your forgiveness we can sail the sea- the sea of love
©  2015

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