Monday, 23 February 2015

1000 Miles

From crawling to walking and running
from being cared for to loving and hurting
the first steps into the world were barely discouraging
but the long strides have with them taken thy pride

with growth have come responsibilities
with these have come consequences
and a man can only stand and watch the events
for his control over them lacks

It takes time for him to learn the ways
but when he does he is on his way
could be for good or worse but the choice is for him to make
laborious it seems to walk in the light
but the truth is its harder to walk in darkness
so shall he follow the one holding the torch
or shall he be a nincompoop enough to remain hidden in the tunnel
lest he settles for the latter then judgment befalls him for his moulder jolted it down
through a trusted friend that he is the way

this man fell every for steps he made from the first mile to the 100th
but then he saw that alone he would not  make it so asked for a hand
the maker, being the maker, came in to help for he loved what he made
then the man lost sense of what is right and pride creeped in along with success
............the thousand mile journey still ongoing and one cant help but wonder, will
he make it to the destination?
©  2015

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