Thursday, 12 November 2015

About Belief

"Belief is not an action of sight, It's an action of the mind, heart and soul."Twincetthepoet
©  2015

Sunday, 1 November 2015

My life in the 80's

Am not quite as old as you are already thinking I am,
but I do act like am older than anyone can fathom.
what brings me here today is my story about the 80's.
back then i was masculine and hairy,
body seldom bathed and shaved rarely
it was then that i worked hard literally,
'cause that was not a choice but some form of itinerary,
you either went through it, or went through it,
we had no ploughs nor cows so we had to bow,
with sticks as hoes digging shallow holes on the ground.
readying the earth for sowing so we could reap in the end

my dreams of an education had long been shuttered
with every plan that i had made having been blundered
stepped on, spat on and ridiculed by king kanda,
owner of the biggest known kibanda
He told me that my dreams were unrealistic
he changed my mind and made me pessimistic
about the hope, the dreams, anything futuristic

I lost it, the drive to become better
and follow my dreams to the letter
because everything i did ended up in a gutter
draining to places i couldn't even reach it later
I wrote a letter to the chief hoping that he would change my life for the better
but all i got was a bigger acre       of land to work on.
getting paid something close to peanuts
a case of so much pain with no gain

I hated the election period 'cause it was simply a waste of time
where the resident president had us queuing for days simply to confirm his obvious return to the state house
the media called it the presidential race
but really it was just a trace, the same face same be continued
©  2015

Monday, 26 October 2015

I hate America I love Africa

Lets face it,Africa will always be a dump site for america for as long as it takes us to finally stand up for ourselves and become fully independent. If we are being honest and real then allow me to curse the big U.S.A  for the tribulations they have caused our continent all in the name of aid-and AIDS.  What is it about our success that bugs them? Is it the fact that we have abundant manpower, or is it the hopes and dreams that they hear we have for our future? Does is it really hurt so much to see another continent growing and becoming utterly powerful?
Who said, in the many years that the US has had independence, that they attained freedom so as to oppress others? Africa has woken up to a new dawn that threatens to thrush the other economies in the world and that is exactly what they(U.S.A) fear.  They threaten our freedom to be who we are, with all the qualities that make us unique. We are constantly made to believe that our leaders are selfish and have nothing but their own interests at heart. My question is, was that the case with Gaddafi? A man who had changed Libya for more than just 'the better'.  He had to be ousted because they were not comfortable with an African country and its people living comfortably with zero dependence on them(U.S.A).  This great Libyan leader had plans for Africa. Ones that would change how the rest of the world views us.Libyans didn't have to pay taxes, they had free education form elementary school to whichever level they wanted to reach(Iwould have completed my PHD by now if I lived there). Gaddafi was spearheading the establishment of  the African Development Bank that would greatly reduce and finally abolish pour dependence on the predatory IMF and that scared them. I can only imagine the conversation they had while conspiring to baptize him a dictator and how to incite his own people to kill him. And the fools fell for it. Look at their condition now. The 'fighters' from Benghazi that were funded by the nato(small letters because its nothing but shit)  are now all confirmed members of isis (a disgrace to the Islamic religion) busy creating unrest in North Africa and the Arab states.  In short, the people who are brave enough to stand against the west are always a target. They die for us while we cow away and leave them in agony-ALONE-instead of standing with them. This kind of reminds me about God. These people have grown so thirsty for power that they want to be greater than God but we all know that that will never happen because He made them who they are in the first place. They must have shared genes with the same crowd that cheered the crucifixion of Jesus Christ feeling triumphant and all. God teaches us to Love, but he made us humans so we can learn the hard way. so we can learn not to hate, but somehow this feeling is something I cant shake off. Anyway, my point is, Africa is nothing but rich in every way. say labor, we have it. say resources, we have them in plenty and that right there is why there is a new scramble for Africa. The only problem for them, is that we are now learned, armed, and ready to fight back when our freedom is violated. We are a threat to their success,and that creates a threat to our lives.
©  2015

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Am Fierce....The quote

"Fierceness is not factored in by a frown,
or by the roar of an angry man, but by the
 freewill with which lives and the respect he accords others"
©  2015

Thursday, 4 June 2015


They used to come in plenty, the ideas, the thoughts, the masterpieces
But the time flew and built a current that only swept away the efforts
His mind became an abyss, full of darkness, and restless, he lost it
the grip he earlier had on his esteem, the imagination that lured 
greatness towards him. He tried once and then twice to bring out the 
ideals on paper and then on soft-copy but his mind was logged.
logged with distress and the feeling of uselessness that only did well in
spearheading discouragement- the kind that he needed to avoid, but that couldn't leave him be

So it seemed that everyone else could be happy, but him
he pushed away the good so he could deal with the bad, but the bad took away the good that the good had instilled in him, he became angry and mean, smiling when really, it was a disguised frown . He never hated, at least no one else but himself, for who he had become and what he had done times over. Where true happiness lay he would never know, he would never grow to be the man he saw himself to be in his future, his hope was washed away by the waves of speeding pessimism and his heart heavy with pain that he brought upon himself. 

Had his time been the time of king Arthur, he would have gladly taken to the guillotine
and let down the blade upon his neck so that his life would end and relinquish himself off the torture that he had immersed himself into.    THERE'S A FUTURE! his mind tells him, but his eyes do not see that for they have been blinded by the things he sees in the world, things that he thinks he needs, but that really add no value/................................... 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Weather & Innocence

If the season today was autumn and I was a leaf
 I'd fall for the one who runs through my mind like pebbles on muddy ground on a rainy day,
If the snow was to turn color I'd wish that it takes up her complexion because it's golden and worth the merry,
 I know this cos' when the nimbus clouds are hanging low and full of water I can relate,
My heart is a cloud full of expectations for the days ahead of us,
I'd want to be the one to take away her innocence and make her guilty of loving me till I die,
I wouldn't want to rip it off, cos' that would be painful,
 I would want to slide in amidst heaves of pleasure giving her no reason to accuse me of using her,
I'd live to impress her not because I don't believe in myself but because I believe  that am only myself when am with her,
 I know not about the minute following the next,
 I don't know about the hours behind my little time with her,
but I know that wherever time takes me she tags along...
©  2015

Monday, 23 February 2015

1000 Miles

From crawling to walking and running
from being cared for to loving and hurting
the first steps into the world were barely discouraging
but the long strides have with them taken thy pride

with growth have come responsibilities
with these have come consequences
and a man can only stand and watch the events
for his control over them lacks

It takes time for him to learn the ways
but when he does he is on his way
could be for good or worse but the choice is for him to make
laborious it seems to walk in the light
but the truth is its harder to walk in darkness
so shall he follow the one holding the torch
or shall he be a nincompoop enough to remain hidden in the tunnel
lest he settles for the latter then judgment befalls him for his moulder jolted it down
through a trusted friend that he is the way

this man fell every for steps he made from the first mile to the 100th
but then he saw that alone he would not  make it so asked for a hand
the maker, being the maker, came in to help for he loved what he made
then the man lost sense of what is right and pride creeped in along with success
............the thousand mile journey still ongoing and one cant help but wonder, will
he make it to the destination?
©  2015

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The sea

If my emotions were fraudulent and I didnt really mean the words I said,
If I acted like a dictator when i should have been democratic, if I hurt you when all I should have done was please you,
Then am sorry, lets burn the hatchet, put it in an urn and throw it in the sea

 I might have lost my cool,
acted so much like a fool
let words out of my mouth with no rue
But in my heart i always knew I was meant for you

take this to be an apology watermarking my confession
take it to be a poem with the rhythm of a song
let it calm down your anger for a while- completely
Let the sea see that we are meant to be

Am not good at extensive expressions through writing
therefore, accord me the chance to see your face in person-lets talk
so u can see the sincerity on my face
the acceleration of my hearts pace
how without you I can never win the race
I said I was sorry, now let me show you
then with your forgiveness we can sail the sea- the sea of love
©  2015


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away When you are happy I pray th...