Thursday, 11 December 2014

At The Lounge

Am here and it's damn dark
Am alone, lonely at heart
My mind wanders and wonders
I have no clue what to do today
Am stressed up and out
I just had to go out
At the lounge

It's not quiet here
not to say that i had no idea
It's as noisy as i wished it to be
My heart is thumping, my blood pumping
Vessels constricting cause there's something exciting
Am here to forget it all, the bad i mean
and enjoy the good whilst i can
at the lounge

Am here to get away from home
I live alone yet issues adorn my seemingly plain life
am eagerly hoping that the blue, no green, i mean some shade of some color, lights
work their magic on me tonight so that i can forget whatever;'s bothering me today
Am seeking something to lighten up my mood cause it's dump
Its a bit wet, but more dry
At the lounge

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Administration Police are our own terrorists

I have no idea whether there's an AP officer reading this because I assume they should be busy fighting crime somewhere in Kenya. However,if one or more of them reads this i sure wouldn't mind. These people who've been entrusted with the duty of keeping us safe both in and outside our homes have instead become freedom and security's worst enemy.
Allow me to explain why. A few months ago, my friends and I went to a certain town to party, but that was not to be. Immediately we alighted the matatu and began walking towards the club, the AP's were there in no less than a number of seconds.(I wish they arrived equally fast when alarms go on in people's homes). so they arrested us for allegedly walking too late at night, but when we got to the station they wrote down "Drunk,noisy and disorderly" (mark you we were way to sober to even complain). Unluckily for us, it was on a Friday meaning that we would have to wait for the end of the next court day to be set (well, unless we paid something little (5000 kes) per head to the police).

From my knowledge of the constitution,specifically chapter four section 49 on the rights of arrested persons, we had a right to communicate immediately with an advocate or other persons whose assistance we needed. Additionally,we had the right to be held separately from people serving their sentence and to be charged a fine if at all we were noisy, drunk and disorderly. Nevertheless, some of us who were unlucky were thrown in to a cell full of persons serving their term. Two had been jailed for rape and sodomy while a large number had been jailed for theft crimes. One was exceptional in that he had only committed bestiality.......with a goat.  so immediately the unlucky ones among us were thrown in to that cell, all we could here from the adjacent cell were cries and calls for help. They were beaten to near death and 'robbed' off their clothes and money with the policemen outside simply laughing at the sounds.

To cut the long story short,I am certain that at some point, such police have arrested terrorists without their knowledge but because they arrest anyone they meet along the way when they need some extra paper, they barely look into the backgrounds of those they arrest. The result? a possible terrorist gets his/her freedom back fast for only 1000 shs and above and goes on to take the lives and livelihoods of a thousand people. Having being arrested for nothing, literally, vengeance could lead to me joining the alshabaab and smiling all the while as policemen die because they are terrorists themselves/ they terrorize the common mwananchi because they don't care what the constitution says.Luckily, I despise Alshabaab with all that I am, but then again, i hate all terrorists including police officers in Kenya.