Thursday, 13 November 2014

Spotting Scammers on Online Dating sites

The world has changed. Millions of people are scared that they might grow old without a companion and no one really wants that- unless being alone is the only thing sure to make them rich and successful- a factor that still does not count because humans are social beings. As such, more people are signing up for online dating with the hope of finding a compatible partner with whom to enjoy life.
However, online dating scams are widespread. anyone can be a target without having to be rich or stupid. you just have to be in search of love and you are as good a target as everyone else. the search for love makes most(Almost all) people vulnerable. Love has now become a tool for scammers to strip you off your assets and open your bank account. Be happy though,because there are ways of identifying the damned scammers.

1. Spotting discrepancies
Descriptions of one's physic should be proportional. for instance, a 6 ft tall person does not weigh 90 pounds. Additionally, note any age differences in the person's profile. in the case of a male scammer for example, they often target middle-aged women in their late 40's, 50's-60's. Such targets are usually richer and more vulnerable.  You could ask the person to take a photo holding a unique phrase with their own name on it. In addition, you can ask to have a video chat with the person on Skype or any other site available. Scammers will be highly reluctant. 

2. Spelling and grammar alerts
Be keen as you read their writing and check their spelling and Grammar. A line or sentence that sounds like its  from a far-off country but portraying themselves to be in your current city or a city near you usually has a local dialect misfire.

3. Derailing you from the dating site where you met
Raise the red flag if you notice that they want to get you into instant messaging and/or email.always create a different email address from your personal one when signing up for online dating.

4. Facebook fakers
 At this time and age, almost everyone has a face book account, or two. If someone has no face book account yet they are sophisticated enough to setup an online dating profile BE WARNED and also look out for fake pages on face book. one sign that a face book page or account is fake is the opening date. if the face book page was started at nearly the same time as the profile, well,you know what to do-RUN!!.

5. Ask a lot of questions
Ask about where they are from, what they do, where they live, verify the landmarks and the spellings of cities on the internet. Scammers love asking questions, but answer very few. for example, when you ask a personal question, they might say ' I've been heart-broken before for simply telling too much way too soon.' -RED FLAG!!

6. Certain profile descriptions
Most scammers, in order to reduce the number of questions asked, describe themselves as self-employed or working overseas, widowed with one child or just widowed and they claim to live near you or in your country-GIVES YOU HOPE HUH?. 

7. Do a thorough photo check

Save a  copy of the profile picture they sent you and use Google image search to verify. the results might  show that the person might be already marked as a scammer. the return may also be illegitimate. If so, report to the dating site and offer them the evidence collected.

8. Analyze the photos they send you
Look for signs that don't synchronize with who you understand the person to be.  For instance, the background, landscapes, clocks or Calendar. if there are features that do not match with the picture that your interest has built up for themselves, again, RUN!!Nigga RUN!!!

9. Note other discrepancies that are giveaways
The scammer may say that he or she has been away for a while yet their profile shows that they are online, or usually online- probably chatting up some other loveless and lonely victim.  Additionally, if the profile shows geographical inconsistencies and other places referenced, but that are nowhere near where they said they are..........QUESTION!!
10. Phone Numbers
 I take it that an honest person would have nothing to hide right? like why would a person who is so active on a dating site or on social media not be on whatsapp or BBM? Why ask for your email address when they can easily tell you everything else on phone? 

In a nutshell, it is okay to go looking for love where you best please, but please!!! DONT LEAVE YOUR BRAIN IN THE LAUNDRY.