Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The sound was like the shutter of a cracking windshield
the pain came about like a heavy fist on a healing wound
the tears rolled down my bony cheeks in the drops of transpiration
and my stomach strained on either side like i was under constipation

My mind became almost impaired by the mention of your name
our time together brought me shame and it's kind of lame
for a man to say this but i doubt if it will ever be the same
I gave it my all but you viewed it yourself as a game

the situation changed so abruptly that i forgot to pack my bags while leaving
not that i care what i left, besides all that reminds me of the lie i'd been living
It is said that the world is tough but that love makes it all better
but what you showed me is that love's better at making the world tough

My future is indefinite for the plans we made together were my only dreams and 'fate'
but one thing am sure of is that leaving was correcting one huge mistake
am shuttered like wine glasses in a war zone
but my scars will not define how ,across the world, i'll be known

yes am broken emotionally but i'd be more broken living with a liar in their lies
©  2014


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