Thursday, 11 December 2014

At The Lounge

Am here and it's damn dark
Am alone, lonely at heart
My mind wanders and wonders
I have no clue what to do today
Am stressed up and out
I just had to go out
At the lounge

It's not quiet here
not to say that i had no idea
It's as noisy as i wished it to be
My heart is thumping, my blood pumping
Vessels constricting cause there's something exciting
Am here to forget it all, the bad i mean
and enjoy the good whilst i can
at the lounge

Am here to get away from home
I live alone yet issues adorn my seemingly plain life
am eagerly hoping that the blue, no green, i mean some shade of some color, lights
work their magic on me tonight so that i can forget whatever;'s bothering me today
Am seeking something to lighten up my mood cause it's dump
Its a bit wet, but more dry
At the lounge
©  2015

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