Tuesday, 7 October 2014

World Politics:It's about time the west respected us!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but it is my belief that Africa has now come of age. We are living at a time when the people are more enlightened than ever. The continent is consistently producing geniuses and increasing the population of such continents as Europe whose economy creates little room for procreation by the natives. Africa is a land of plenty, more so in terms of natural resources. Think of how we produce 50% of the world's gold, most of the diamonds and chromium in the world and 40% of the world's potential hydroelectric power. Additionally, Africa has millions of acres of untitled land and more recently, large deposits of oil have and are still being discovered. Essentially, the Africa that is in this 21st century is independent and has proven capable of harnessing its' own resources different from the Africa that was back before i could spell the word 'Africa'.

Nonetheless, it would seem that the ever-boastful west is hesitant to leave Africa be.I could say that it is like a mother feeling reluctant to let her all-grown-up child move out and start living on his or her own, but the truth is, the west is more concerned about what the child has to offer their homestead than about how or where they wind up in life. it would seem plausible and correct to say that, the west is afraid of Africa's potential and the possibility of the continent's population realizing their worth. Such a realization would see Africa rise to whatever the optimal economic stability and security is and our dependence on USAID and the United Nations programs quickly wither. It is with such ideas in mind that the west attempts to take control of our continent indirectly by creating puppets of leaders for us and supporting them in the elections with a promise of better relations and hefty grants. when or where such clumsy tactics fail, The able African leaders find themselves smeared with defamatory titles and  with bounties on their heads. Am definitely not pointing out people like Muamar Gadaffi. It's only but a simple notion.

Am I the only who thinks that there is something fishy that goes on in any African country that attempts to explore and exploit its natural resources. Given the events that follow such discoveries as of oil and other minerals, it is possible that local African leaders play a role in the violence, but how come that most companies digging the oil wells are western?  what do the African leaders have to gain and how if they have no control over the mining? I believed and continue to believe that Gadaffi was an embodiment of  African liberal-mindedness. Something that sadly, brings death to Africans by the sword of the west.  There seems to be a general belief among the 'non-Africans' that any African leader or rather all African leaders are criminals and warlords. Take the example of our very own Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta. One would be forgiven to think that the rule of 'innocent till proven guilty' applies even to Africans. Instead, all Africans are considered guilty until proven innocent. Is it not the west that threatened to bring us sanctions if we made the 'mistake' of electing Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. the same west that went on a hunting spree for Gadaffi and the same west that created the ICC. The very court that barely looks anywhere else for criminals but Africa. As a continent, we need the west to respect  the independence that our forefathers fought so hard for. Attempts of neo-colonization should be matched with strong resistance as we are no longer in team D of world politics. We have made our way progressively to a managerial position that allows us to have a say in how things are run here!!


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