Friday, 15 August 2014

The woman

it would seem that God requires a man to be with the woman,
so its true to say that the head is the man and the neck the woman
for the man calls the shots while the woman gives the direction for the shots
i so believe that if the man were a finger, then the woman would be the hand
because she brings to the man the support to move forth.

The woman is weak in physique but i see them as psychic
for they read a mans emotions and guide his direction of reaction
they are strong at heart and mind but it would  seem that
whats in their heart controls their mind.

a woman can be good, a woman can be bad
the determining factor is the treatment the man regards
a woman's smile can signal love,
 but it can also signal "you'll never have"
it all depends on how you approach

these women that we chase after from morning till the sun decides to sink into the horizon,
they can kill with a wink and give life in a blink of an eye,
in short, they can have a man they want and can get rid of a bother- if they want to
in this new world and age, the woman is the person that the man was in the last century
she now speaks for  the man, talks to the man  and works like a man.
 the woman.
©  2014

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