She Angel

There's a resemblance between her and the angels i dreamt of
she has no wings yet to me she seems to fly with her beautiful smile,
a smile that i at first thought belonged to the divinity
i was right to think that for her teeth were white and pure as Jesus' soul
i would make my way towards her even if i had to crawl

now, am not as bold as a man with a pot of gold,
but also not as cowardly as a watchman who smells death hourly,
i heard a friend say that the beautiful ones are not yet born,
but i wondered what then is she that my mind ponders on?

i don't believe in love at first sight nor do i believe in its might,
but i felt my heart look for cover in my soul for i was ready to fall,
to fall in an endless glorious  fairytale of love with this girl,
a girl who'd swept me of the heels of my feet,


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