Tuesday, 15 April 2014

pain is hard to forgive

understand where am coming from
I cant speak clearly for my heart wont pump enough blood to my veins
my heart, a cringed organ posing lifelessly in the void of my chest
a chest broken by the impact of your spearing deed towards me

I cannot breathe, not without the aid of my nostrils
nostrils that are now clogged by inflammatory lymph
that came about as a result of the scars in my mind
cause I thought too much trying to decipher why you would
do the things you did

it doesn't really hurt that you played with my heart
than that you did it with my best friend, Albert
a man does not cry out of pain but i admit my heart is drenched
in peddles of hateful blood now and again

i had for you, the emotions that i thought you were due
i gave it, gave it all without limitations to you
but it wasn't enough so you cuffed another cause i was not
good enough for you as a lover

now you ask for forgiveness that am so willing to give
but mere words wouldn't clear my chest of the teary saturation
am in pain now as i was in the event of the situation
so busy hoping that one drop of your tears would cool down
my burning rage and hate
i forgive you but my heart opposes
i forget you but my mind recalls the days we shared roses
so come on in and break me once again so i can learn my lesson
©  2014

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