Thursday, 27 March 2014

over due, loved you

whatever you and i thought we had is well overdue, expired
you ask why and i tell you the truth we are over, due to your inspired
lies and half truths, things you swore to improve, you said you'd offer love too!
what happened as time went by my dear, did your heart remain steady in 'situ'
so as not to provide for me a mirror to look straight into?

i thought we shared views even 'bout what we saw in the news
we were so foolishly close that we shared secrets and spoke in cues
but in real sense the gross emotion in the relationship came from my now
conflagrated soot- heart, the one i offered wholly to you just so you could call me

now you seek to drive me insane with your 'humane' acts of apologies
but i looked up the Bible and there was nothing bout taking you back in the acts of the apostles
i even said a prayer to comfort myself from the knowledge of your being a player
i felt calm for a minute but in the next my heart raced and i breathed fire

we are well overdue for we made something good, but never took it off the shelf
clients came in, but we or rather I said no to their request cause i considered myself, yours
you, however sold yourself out to even the window shoppers amounting to twelve
 need i continue?

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