Saturday, 8 March 2014


Am married to a man
his name starts with a J
and no, am not talking about Beyonces' man Jay
am talking about he who makes me gay!

Gay as in happy
gay as in yaaaaay
because i cant live without him, you cant live without me like i cant live without you cause we are one
in Christ

so i read in the bible that love is Godly
but we are so materialistic that loves become costly

they saw him in flesh but they sinned afresh
cause they didn't believe that he became flesh to save us from our own

they turned to the devil for refuge and wealth
but didn't realize that whats given by the devil is a loan

so they paid with heir souls
their blood shed on bowls
for they oath-ed to reach a goal
a goal that gave them nothing at all
©  2013

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