Saturday, 15 March 2014

are we really poor?

If you look at me you’ll think am poor
Coz the money I make is never sure
The pot bellied mp’s strive to make sure that
Outta my 75 thousand shillings on the pay slip
What gets to my hand is only enough to grab a snack before I sleep

The kinda life they’ve subjected me to is a loan life
Coz I have to depend on loans to survive
They sit their asses all day in parliament
While we work our asses out and dirty our garment
 Its funny how meek at first they are
And how they change a week into where they are

I look poor from afar dressed in a few lines of fur
Cause I have to pay large taxes to settle their bills for the spur
If anyone called them hyenas and pigs, I would concur
Because that’s not name calling, it’s simply explicating who they are

Look at my mp and his big loop of a belly
Don’t know why he even bought a car, he shouldda bought a ferry
Funny how fast he fattened, now he can laugh at us like Jim Carrey
Knowing the only place I can see him now is on the telly

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