Thursday, 27 March 2014

over due, loved you

whatever you and i thought we had is well overdue, expired
you ask why and i tell you the truth we are over, due to your inspired
lies and half truths, things you swore to improve, you said you'd offer love too!
what happened as time went by my dear, did your heart remain steady in 'situ'
so as not to provide for me a mirror to look straight into?

i thought we shared views even 'bout what we saw in the news
we were so foolishly close that we shared secrets and spoke in cues
but in real sense the gross emotion in the relationship came from my now
conflagrated soot- heart, the one i offered wholly to you just so you could call me

now you seek to drive me insane with your 'humane' acts of apologies
but i looked up the Bible and there was nothing bout taking you back in the acts of the apostles
i even said a prayer to comfort myself from the knowledge of your being a player
i felt calm for a minute but in the next my heart raced and i breathed fire

we are well overdue for we made something good, but never took it off the shelf
clients came in, but we or rather I said no to their request cause i considered myself, yours
you, however sold yourself out to even the window shoppers amounting to twelve
 need i continue?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

are we really poor?

If you look at me you’ll think am poor
Coz the money I make is never sure
The pot bellied mp’s strive to make sure that
Outta my 75 thousand shillings on the pay slip
What gets to my hand is only enough to grab a snack before I sleep

The kinda life they’ve subjected me to is a loan life
Coz I have to depend on loans to survive
They sit their asses all day in parliament
While we work our asses out and dirty our garment
 Its funny how meek at first they are
And how they change a week into where they are

I look poor from afar dressed in a few lines of fur
Cause I have to pay large taxes to settle their bills for the spur
If anyone called them hyenas and pigs, I would concur
Because that’s not name calling, it’s simply explicating who they are

Look at my mp and his big loop of a belly
Don’t know why he even bought a car, he shouldda bought a ferry
Funny how fast he fattened, now he can laugh at us like Jim Carrey
Knowing the only place I can see him now is on the telly

Friday, 14 March 2014

past mistakes

All the past mistakes I’ve done
Continue to haunt me even when I run
There’s a spot in my heart they burn
And I can’t cool it off even with a fun

I heard most people call it a conflagration
The kind that devours your emotion
It usually goes together with the notion
That your past might in your future be an explosion

The past is, of us, ever a part
Something we can never break apart
It is solely meant to keep thee alert
So we can attain some kinda peace at last

My spoken of is a sentiment
That is considerably permanent
Within the heart its resident
And within the mind it’s reminiscent

Its common to all in our race
But its nothing everyone can face
It at times helps decide on a case
Or at times keep the truth without a trace

The word is lament
Or, more common, regret
It turns us into puppets
That our victims can step on, like carpets.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Am married to a man
his name starts with a J
and no, am not talking about Beyonces' man Jay
am talking about he who makes me gay!

Gay as in happy
gay as in yaaaaay
because i cant live without him, you cant live without me like i cant live without you cause we are one
in Christ

so i read in the bible that love is Godly
but we are so materialistic that loves become costly

they saw him in flesh but they sinned afresh
cause they didn't believe that he became flesh to save us from our own

they turned to the devil for refuge and wealth
but didn't realize that whats given by the devil is a loan

so they paid with heir souls
their blood shed on bowls
for they oath-ed to reach a goal
a goal that gave them nothing at all
©  2013


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