Thursday, 11 December 2014

At The Lounge

Am here and it's damn dark
Am alone, lonely at heart
My mind wanders and wonders
I have no clue what to do today
Am stressed up and out
I just had to go out
At the lounge

It's not quiet here
not to say that i had no idea
It's as noisy as i wished it to be
My heart is thumping, my blood pumping
Vessels constricting cause there's something exciting
Am here to forget it all, the bad i mean
and enjoy the good whilst i can
at the lounge

Am here to get away from home
I live alone yet issues adorn my seemingly plain life
am eagerly hoping that the blue, no green, i mean some shade of some color, lights
work their magic on me tonight so that i can forget whatever;'s bothering me today
Am seeking something to lighten up my mood cause it's dump
Its a bit wet, but more dry
At the lounge
©  2015

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

World Politics:It's about time the west respected us!

Correct me if i'm wrong, but it is my belief that Africa has now come of age. We are living at a time when the people are more enlightened than ever. The continent is consistently producing geniuses and increasing the population of such continents as Europe whose economy creates little room for procreation by the natives. Africa is a land of plenty, more so in terms of natural resources. Think of how we produce 50% of the world's gold, most of the diamonds and chromium in the world and 40% of the world's potential hydroelectric power. Additionally, Africa has millions of acres of untitled land and more recently, large deposits of oil have and are still being discovered. Essentially, the Africa that is in this 21st century is independent and has proven capable of harnessing its' own resources different from the Africa that was back before i could spell the word 'Africa'.

Nonetheless, it would seem that the ever-boastful west is hesitant to leave Africa be.I could say that it is like a mother feeling reluctant to let her all-grown-up child move out and start living on his or her own, but the truth is, the west is more concerned about what the child has to offer their homestead than about how or where they wind up in life. it would seem plausible and correct to say that, the west is afraid of Africa's potential and the possibility of the continent's population realizing their worth. Such a realization would see Africa rise to whatever the optimal economic stability and security is and our dependence on USAID and the United Nations programs quickly wither. It is with such ideas in mind that the west attempts to take control of our continent indirectly by creating puppets of leaders for us and supporting them in the elections with a promise of better relations and hefty grants. when or where such clumsy tactics fail, The able African leaders find themselves smeared with defamatory titles and  with bounties on their heads. Am definitely not pointing out people like Muamar Gadaffi. It's only but a simple notion.

Am I the only who thinks that there is something fishy that goes on in any African country that attempts to explore and exploit its natural resources. Given the events that follow such discoveries as of oil and other minerals, it is possible that local African leaders play a role in the violence, but how come that most companies digging the oil wells are western?  what do the African leaders have to gain and how if they have no control over the mining? I believed and continue to believe that Gadaffi was an embodiment of  African liberal-mindedness. Something that sadly, brings death to Africans by the sword of the west.  There seems to be a general belief among the 'non-Africans' that any African leader or rather all African leaders are criminals and warlords. Take the example of our very own Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta. One would be forgiven to think that the rule of 'innocent till proven guilty' applies even to Africans. Instead, all Africans are considered guilty until proven innocent. Is it not the west that threatened to bring us sanctions if we made the 'mistake' of electing Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta. the same west that went on a hunting spree for Gadaffi and the same west that created the ICC. The very court that barely looks anywhere else for criminals but Africa. As a continent, we need the west to respect  the independence that our forefathers fought so hard for. Attempts of neo-colonization should be matched with strong resistance as we are no longer in team D of world politics. We have made our way progressively to a managerial position that allows us to have a say in how things are run here!!

Friday, 15 August 2014

The woman

it would seem that God requires a man to be with the woman,
so its true to say that the head is the man and the neck the woman
for the man calls the shots while the woman gives the direction for the shots
i so believe that if the man were a finger, then the woman would be the hand
because she brings to the man the support to move forth.

The woman is weak in physique but i see them as psychic
for they read a mans emotions and guide his direction of reaction
they are strong at heart and mind but it would  seem that
whats in their heart controls their mind.

a woman can be good, a woman can be bad
the determining factor is the treatment the man regards
a woman's smile can signal love,
 but it can also signal "you'll never have"
it all depends on how you approach

these women that we chase after from morning till the sun decides to sink into the horizon,
they can kill with a wink and give life in a blink of an eye,
in short, they can have a man they want and can get rid of a bother- if they want to
in this new world and age, the woman is the person that the man was in the last century
she now speaks for  the man, talks to the man  and works like a man.
 the woman.
©  2014

Monday, 4 August 2014

how it might end up

To begin with, our meeting was unprecedented; I didn't think I'd meet you let alone want to be with you.
when the call came in that i was among the few chosen ones, the task ahead was all i could think of. I had finally gotten the chance of a lifetime to prove to the world that i was of mettle. you, my dear i had never seen hence the future i had planned for myself did not involve you. i wanted to be single for life, making my own decisions without weighing their impact on others including you. i wanted to live freely. .............
©  2014

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


The sound was like the shutter of a cracking windshield
the pain came about like a heavy fist on a healing wound
the tears rolled down my bony cheeks in the drops of transpiration
and my stomach strained on either side like i was under constipation

My mind became almost impaired by the mention of your name
our time together brought me shame and it's kind of lame
for a man to say this but i doubt if it will ever be the same
I gave it my all but you viewed it yourself as a game

the situation changed so abruptly that i forgot to pack my bags while leaving
not that i care what i left, besides all that reminds me of the lie i'd been living
It is said that the world is tough but that love makes it all better
but what you showed me is that love's better at making the world tough

My future is indefinite for the plans we made together were my only dreams and 'fate'
but one thing am sure of is that leaving was correcting one huge mistake
am shuttered like wine glasses in a war zone
but my scars will not define how ,across the world, i'll be known

yes am broken emotionally but i'd be more broken living with a liar in their lies
©  2014

Monday, 28 April 2014

She Angel

There's a resemblance between her and the angels i dreamt of
she has no wings yet to me she seems to fly with her beautiful smile,
a smile that i at first thought belonged to the divinity
i was right to think that for her teeth were white and pure as Jesus' soul
i would make my way towards her even if i had to crawl

now, am not as bold as a man with a pot of gold,
but also not as cowardly as a watchman who smells death hourly,
i heard a friend say that the beautiful ones are not yet born,
but i wondered what then is she that my mind ponders on?

i don't believe in love at first sight nor do i believe in its might,
but i felt my heart look for cover in my soul for i was ready to fall,
to fall in an endless glorious  fairytale of love with this girl,
a girl who'd swept me of the heels of my feet,

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

pain is hard to forgive

understand where am coming from
I cant speak clearly for my heart wont pump enough blood to my veins
my heart, a cringed organ posing lifelessly in the void of my chest
a chest broken by the impact of your spearing deed towards me

I cannot breathe, not without the aid of my nostrils
nostrils that are now clogged by inflammatory lymph
that came about as a result of the scars in my mind
cause I thought too much trying to decipher why you would
do the things you did

it doesn't really hurt that you played with my heart
than that you did it with my best friend, Albert
a man does not cry out of pain but i admit my heart is drenched
in peddles of hateful blood now and again

i had for you, the emotions that i thought you were due
i gave it, gave it all without limitations to you
but it wasn't enough so you cuffed another cause i was not
good enough for you as a lover

now you ask for forgiveness that am so willing to give
but mere words wouldn't clear my chest of the teary saturation
am in pain now as i was in the event of the situation
so busy hoping that one drop of your tears would cool down
my burning rage and hate
i forgive you but my heart opposes
i forget you but my mind recalls the days we shared roses
so come on in and break me once again so i can learn my lesson
©  2014

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Jesus and the cross

I was there as it unraveled,
the foretold event of the killing of the son of man
I saw Judas in his sweaty cloak and dusty sandles
walking towards Jesus whose attention was in demand
at first I thought that he was at home visiting his kinsmen
yet now here he was accompanied closely by the kings men

he walked towards our Jesus, the Lord
and when he kissed him on the cheek, he became cold
he was selling him out yet not for a pot of gold,
but for 30 pieces of gold colored pesals

the robust soldiers, one without an ear
arrested Jesus and within us grew fear
they took Him away from us who called Him dear
an arrest so irreversible and its circumstances unclear.

at the valley of the skull He was pressed down by the weight of His death bed
i closed my eyes a bit when he was stricken with whips and His face turned red
but being human i didnt even think of being the one suffering for Him instead
so i watched with a stricking pain as He maneuvered the paths of golgotha

i cried, but in helping. never tried,
i was dead inside for He was someone with whom i had allied
but when they asked if i knew Him, i lied
'no i dont! i only came to see Him die' what a lie

then came Simon of cyrene,
a guy with the complexion of an African king
 a soldier saw him and forced him to help Jesus, the Jewish king
so he bent forth as the cross was laid upon his back,' now move, let the journey 'begin'. '

Jesus' clothes had ruptured. His skin dressed in whip-wounds
i saw women crying for Him even though they had Him not in their wombs
i lost my faith for a second because my faith was on His way to His last round


Thursday, 27 March 2014

over due, loved you

whatever you and i thought we had is well overdue, expired
you ask why and i tell you the truth we are over, due to your inspired
lies and half truths, things you swore to improve, you said you'd offer love too!
what happened as time went by my dear, did your heart remain steady in 'situ'
so as not to provide for me a mirror to look straight into?

i thought we shared views even 'bout what we saw in the news
we were so foolishly close that we shared secrets and spoke in cues
but in real sense the gross emotion in the relationship came from my now
conflagrated soot- heart, the one i offered wholly to you just so you could call me

now you seek to drive me insane with your 'humane' acts of apologies
but i looked up the Bible and there was nothing bout taking you back in the acts of the apostles
i even said a prayer to comfort myself from the knowledge of your being a player
i felt calm for a minute but in the next my heart raced and i breathed fire

we are well overdue for we made something good, but never took it off the shelf
clients came in, but we or rather I said no to their request cause i considered myself, yours
you, however sold yourself out to even the window shoppers amounting to twelve
 need i continue?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

are we really poor?

If you look at me you’ll think am poor
Coz the money I make is never sure
The pot bellied mp’s strive to make sure that
Outta my 75 thousand shillings on the pay slip
What gets to my hand is only enough to grab a snack before I sleep

The kinda life they’ve subjected me to is a loan life
Coz I have to depend on loans to survive
They sit their asses all day in parliament
While we work our asses out and dirty our garment
 Its funny how meek at first they are
And how they change a week into where they are

I look poor from afar dressed in a few lines of fur
Cause I have to pay large taxes to settle their bills for the spur
If anyone called them hyenas and pigs, I would concur
Because that’s not name calling, it’s simply explicating who they are

Look at my mp and his big loop of a belly
Don’t know why he even bought a car, he shouldda bought a ferry
Funny how fast he fattened, now he can laugh at us like Jim Carrey
Knowing the only place I can see him now is on the telly

Friday, 14 March 2014

past mistakes

All the past mistakes I’ve done
Continue to haunt me even when I run
There’s a spot in my heart they burn
And I can’t cool it off even with a fun

I heard most people call it a conflagration
The kind that devours your emotion
It usually goes together with the notion
That your past might in your future be an explosion

The past is, of us, ever a part
Something we can never break apart
It is solely meant to keep thee alert
So we can attain some kinda peace at last

My spoken of is a sentiment
That is considerably permanent
Within the heart its resident
And within the mind it’s reminiscent

Its common to all in our race
But its nothing everyone can face
It at times helps decide on a case
Or at times keep the truth without a trace

The word is lament
Or, more common, regret
It turns us into puppets
That our victims can step on, like carpets.

Saturday, 8 March 2014


Am married to a man
his name starts with a J
and no, am not talking about Beyonces' man Jay
am talking about he who makes me gay!

Gay as in happy
gay as in yaaaaay
because i cant live without him, you cant live without me like i cant live without you cause we are one
in Christ

so i read in the bible that love is Godly
but we are so materialistic that loves become costly

they saw him in flesh but they sinned afresh
cause they didn't believe that he became flesh to save us from our own

they turned to the devil for refuge and wealth
but didn't realize that whats given by the devil is a loan

so they paid with heir souls
their blood shed on bowls
for they oath-ed to reach a goal
a goal that gave them nothing at all
©  2013

Sunday, 12 January 2014

1 from 2

half and half, is what they are of me
both younger than me, but one conceived the other by me
there's one with my eyes and lips, but the other has my heart and me
two in number they are
two, know who they are?

under the same roof we stay
sleep in different rooms, but one slumbers in mine,come what may
for one i foot the bills, but the other helps me pay
two in number they are
two, know who they are?

in the same generation i am with one
from my grandpa's generation, the other is in the forth one
the older one fought for me, in the end she won
two in number they are
two, know who they are?

to conclude i must say, one is a miss
and include the title 'mrs' for she whose lips i kiss
in my heart they reside, no wonder am ever full of peace
two in number they are
two, know who they are?
©  2013


eti ni haki upatapo utakacho
hata cha mwenzio hujui kufumbia macho
rafiki ndiye adui, yaani yeye ndiye kikulacho

watabasamu tuwapo pamoja sana
ila niondokapo unanisema sema
laiti ungejua nilivyokufariji wangu msena
mdomo ungeufunga usije kuniongea tena

kwa hakika mimi pia nina yangu makosa
la kwanza kwenye orodha, dadako kumposa
hiyo ndoa yaonekana taabani kanitosa
kwani tokea hapo, uliniona adui asilimia tisa tisa

ni nadra kumpata mwendani akufaaye kwa ndani
lakini mimi, kabla ya lawama, jua dadako namdhamini
hukutaka tuwe pamoja, lakini mapenzi ni kipofu, wewe kaniambia hivyo mimi

wewe pia una ndoa yako ulipo
basi iwache yangu istadi, usiivamie kipopo
kwangu napenda, tatizo likiibuka, nagonga ndipo!
ili upate kujua, wakati gani unikerapo !
popo wewe!
©  2013


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away When you are happy I pray th...