Monday, 28 October 2013

she has it

she has it
everything i look for in a woman
a peculiar voice and angelic smile
a kind heart that's loving and gentle
best believe that all these she has

all the qualities that men are after
the qualities they look for in a partner
the womanly touch they need in their house
these she has and perhaps even more

the kind of lady you only see in a dream
whose femininity is true and authentic
whose lips and hips are made for a man
this one that i have, she has it all

i no longer dream of a life partner
now i live my dream with my partner
and it's  my name that all call her by
and my heart? she owns it

the intelligence that lurks in only the educated
the conduct that can actually be emulated
and the giving heart that cannot be rejected
best believe that all these she has

the concern for those who suffer
and the will to,a lot of help, offer
to stand for whats right and just
this will, this concern, this love, this care, she has
©  2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013


when cheaters cheat they give  reasons
some  do it to boost their self esteem, those i call asses
others do it because they are insecure, now that's foolish
if you cheat because an opportunity came, then you are unstable
and of such things as showing love you are incapable
when you do it for vengeance you lack self-respect
 those who cheat because their parents did, what to say about them
well, cheating is not genetic so....... you have no point
some cheat for pleasure but wait till they experience the pressure
some cheat to build their ego among friends, who cares where your unmentionables(mind the 'b') have been? a list of women or men you've bedded doesn't change that you are not free minded.
those who cheat cause they are dissatisfied are insincere
 need i say that no one has reason to cheat, if not feeling the relationship why then should it be so hard to break up and save people some pain.
©  2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

my love

your touch makes my blood flow in  tides,
your kisses melt down my pride,
i love you, that i cant hide

your voice is a song to my heart,
your choice, i hope, is that we don't part
i love you, that i can't avert

my heart without yours is like the moon without sunlight,
my sight without your view will never be alright,
i have you, that is why i fight

am a lover when it comes to love,
a fighter in defending love,
i urge you, don't play with my heart

if the end comes and we are not together,
and the angels around us gather,
i'll let them know that you are my lover,
cause am with you at heart day after another.
i love you alone, never love another
©  2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013


madam, si ati mi nablush
ni venye tu asubuhi meno sikubrush
so unaweza guess mdono inanuka ka trash
home hakuna toothpaste na siwezi tumia ash
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madam si ati staki kukuhug
vile nimesweat niko sticky ka slug
so unaweza guess i aiint worth a hug
home hakuna maji, iko tu kwa one jug
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madam, si ati staki kutoa viatu
ni vile saa hii tuko mbele ya watu
so nikubalie nikae nazo tu
home hakuna soap, singewea kuosha viatu
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

mrembo, si ati staki kunyoa nywele
ni vile nina dandruff kibao ka mchele
so heri kujidai nataka kulea nywele
home hakuna shampoo, singeweza kuiosha mbele
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madimoisselle si ati staki kukuskiza
ni vile nimejaza wax kwa masikio
hapo unaeza guess kuskia ni tishio
home hakuna earbuds, na siwezi tumia toothpick
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii
©  2013

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

boundaries for friends

even friends have boundaries
secrets are shared
broken ties repaired
but in the end how you fared
cannot be compared
to how much you cared

love has to exist one way or another
mutual respect for one another
dont do the things that you wouldnt rather
set the rules for friendship
it will only last if it's steadfast

friendship is a gift
nothing within it should create a rift
its the good in it that we should sift
and when one fails the other comes to lift

friends are family, a family outside the other family
when they wrong you, forgive for they also forgive you
but some friends are not worth keeping
so the sooner you tell them off the better
keep those who build you, atleast they serve a purpose

however, your family should also be your friends
they are the most important friends you'll ever have
respect them and they'll respect you back
keep boundaries within your friendships
boundaries are rules and rules are boundaries
©  2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

fight for me

fight for me
make me feel loved
make me feel wanted
dont take me for granted

love me
talk endlessly to me
write songs about me
smile for me and me

before you go, before you fall
just try and hold on to the love we have
think of me, your better half
think of the good times that we have
remember our first time
remember your first dime

do you feel me in your heart
can we  really  be apart
can your heart bear that fact
just remember what you said baby, in the very start.

if you cant hold on anymore
if you dont love me no more
if i am your turn on no more
after revising our past and more
then say goodbye and i\ll cry no more

but if you do i\ll hurt much
thats why i wish you would just fight
fight and fight, fight for me.
©  2013


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away When you are happy I pray th...