Sunday, 28 July 2013


the politicians are ruthless and heartless
'cause for people like me, they care less
they promise nothing but heaven and earth
but once up there they unleash their wrath
their personal needs are all they have concern for
so they leave our needs out and un-catered for

the robbers around are ruthless and merciless
killing, stealing and leaving us penniless
they don't care that we are not all of this earth
that we all came here through birth
they are selfish in every perspective
so they kill and steal just to score a day's meal

the businessmen in town are ruthless and heartless
giving price tags to even that which should be priceless
they hike the prices when we most need them lowered
and they leave us with no way of moving forward
do we call theirs business or sheer theft?
or just ignore that our pockets have nothing left?

the policemen around us are ruthless and merciless
asking for payment for what is their actual duty
they look to us to go on and fill their kitty
and in their hearts there's nothing close to pity
we don't hate the police but despise the men
for allowing greed to, their loyalty, weaken
©  2013

Saturday, 27 July 2013

quote/ encourager

'When u are broken hold onto the pieces, they are easier to work with than the whole'
©  2013

Modern Child

Modern Child
Am without my culture
Hence without my future

Within me are regrets
Of not knowing my country’s secrets

I am indeed an outcast
For that, I blame my past

Had I not gone for the white man’s education
Had I not put his culture into consideration
I would have been a great pride for my nation

But sadly I’ve been cast out
For not speaking my vernacular
For not naming my kids after their grand folks
For not dressing in skin
Like my ancestors did
Am an outcast indeed

Looking back at where I’ve been
I could swear there’s more to it than I’ve seen

Perhaps I had been brainwashed
By modernity as my parents watched

Oh! that reminds me, I barely ever saw them
It was impossible as they came late in the pm

And now grown with a family
But I still live life so cowardly

How I wish………………………..
My offspring would learn what I didn’t
That there will be in them a courageous spirit
A spirit that is liberal -minded
That by modern culture they wont be blinded

And that in them a little tradition will be founded
©  2013

Friday, 26 July 2013

Moyo Wake

Moyo wake
Sikuiba nilipewa
Story ya wizi ni kuekelewa
Wanateta juu walinyimwa
Nikapewa mimi si unaelewa?

Nilipata chance nikaitumia
Nika score high asilimia mia
Wakafeel jealous wakaniingilia
But akabaki nami juu alinikufia

Na si  time ikafly kizee why lie
Tukaanza kupanga maisha ya baadaye
Alijua nataka kupata watoto naye
So tukamarry, na first born humuita mamaye

Kama kawaida migogoro haikosi
Kukasirishana na kutiana wasiwasi
Lakini mapenzi hutia umoja kasi
Moyo wake ni wangu pasi na wasiwasi asii!!!

Wana tulivyopanga tushaanza kupata
Ndoto zetu kufikia faster faster
Gari tumenunua, Chrysler ata
Hamna kutembea kazini patapata!

Monday, 22 July 2013


When we first met it was night
but in her eyes i could see some light

the way she smiled gave me delight
as i felt high like one on a flight

she had something on her peculiar lips
my eyes! that also took a trip to her hips

something on her chest pointed towards me
and another right behind her pointed backwards

she was a truly beautiful maiden
perhaps destined for eden

i liked her name just as i did her game
so i asked her if she felt the same

but that was the first time we'd met so
it was absurd to say i love you so

then we met on another occasion
one where we discussed profession

she learnt that i was a teacher
and i learnt that she studied nature

we got to know each other and
fell in love 'n' tied the knot in the end

the day finally came when mine became
the name she wrote after her first name

now this day as i write this piece
she's right next to me full of peace

cuddling our first fruit of love
by name Edison Biglurv

that first day we'd met i had known
that what would grow would be unknown
as it is not sheer love alone
it is a partnership that cant be forgone
©  2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013


it really beats my imagination
how we call ourselves a nation
yet we loath with an unbound passion
the different tribes across the nation

it even beats my thoughts to think
how fast this boat will sink
if all the tribes do not link
and unite instead of dividing further

who ever dreams in their sleep of that day
when we have our country run our way
with all pessimism cowed away
by the unity of the tribes of the nation?

what nation is there to speak of
if matters of peace are always brushed off
and war instilled in us thereof
what nation is there to stand and fight for?

a love filled nation is that nation
that we want this and the next generation
to embrace in their hearts with passion
so that peace will reign forever in us

but the difference that we want to see
 starts by how willing we are to look and see
it starts individually with you and me
it starts with the little love in you and me.
©  2013


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