Monday, 28 October 2013

she has it

she has it
everything i look for in a woman
a peculiar voice and angelic smile
a kind heart that's loving and gentle
best believe that all these she has

all the qualities that men are after
the qualities they look for in a partner
the womanly touch they need in their house
these she has and perhaps even more

the kind of lady you only see in a dream
whose femininity is true and authentic
whose lips and hips are made for a man
this one that i have, she has it all

i no longer dream of a life partner
now i live my dream with my partner
and it's  my name that all call her by
and my heart? she owns it

the intelligence that lurks in only the educated
the conduct that can actually be emulated
and the giving heart that cannot be rejected
best believe that all these she has

the concern for those who suffer
and the will to,a lot of help, offer
to stand for whats right and just
this will, this concern, this love, this care, she has
©  2013

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