Monday, 7 October 2013

fight for me

fight for me
make me feel loved
make me feel wanted
dont take me for granted

love me
talk endlessly to me
write songs about me
smile for me and me

before you go, before you fall
just try and hold on to the love we have
think of me, your better half
think of the good times that we have
remember our first time
remember your first dime

do you feel me in your heart
can we  really  be apart
can your heart bear that fact
just remember what you said baby, in the very start.

if you cant hold on anymore
if you dont love me no more
if i am your turn on no more
after revising our past and more
then say goodbye and i\ll cry no more

but if you do i\ll hurt much
thats why i wish you would just fight
fight and fight, fight for me.
©  2013

1 comment:

  1. With that enthusiasm you will never lose that fight...




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