Saturday, 26 October 2013


when cheaters cheat they give  reasons
some  do it to boost their self esteem, those i call asses
others do it because they are insecure, now that's foolish
if you cheat because an opportunity came, then you are unstable
and of such things as showing love you are incapable
when you do it for vengeance you lack self-respect
 those who cheat because their parents did, what to say about them
well, cheating is not genetic so....... you have no point
some cheat for pleasure but wait till they experience the pressure
some cheat to build their ego among friends, who cares where your unmentionables(mind the 'b') have been? a list of women or men you've bedded doesn't change that you are not free minded.
those who cheat cause they are dissatisfied are insincere
 need i say that no one has reason to cheat, if not feeling the relationship why then should it be so hard to break up and save people some pain.
©  2013

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  1. True that..not fair hurting other people while it can be avoided




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