Wednesday, 16 October 2013

boundaries for friends

even friends have boundaries
secrets are shared
broken ties repaired
but in the end how you fared
cannot be compared
to how much you cared

love has to exist one way or another
mutual respect for one another
dont do the things that you wouldnt rather
set the rules for friendship
it will only last if it's steadfast

friendship is a gift
nothing within it should create a rift
its the good in it that we should sift
and when one fails the other comes to lift

friends are family, a family outside the other family
when they wrong you, forgive for they also forgive you
but some friends are not worth keeping
so the sooner you tell them off the better
keep those who build you, atleast they serve a purpose

however, your family should also be your friends
they are the most important friends you'll ever have
respect them and they'll respect you back
keep boundaries within your friendships
boundaries are rules and rules are boundaries
©  2013




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