Wednesday, 18 September 2013


1.if a smile helps heal your wounds, do it often matter what anyone could say, we are the only ones to say what and who we are

3.when people try to pull you down, simply let them loose so you can reach your goal

4.when you fall down, get up.staying down cripples you but by moving on you become a hero loyal to yourself, it is only by that means that you can be loyal to others

6.if you break one leg, dont assume the other one is also dysfunctional, use it your life the way you wish it was now? if not, what are you waiting for?

8.dont shed a tear because you are in pain. do it as a sign that the past has been has been washed away....then move on
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When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away When you are happy I pray th...