Friday, 9 August 2013

Thief Of Time

thief of time
the synonym of the word is delay
procrastination for the sophisticated
it is a thief in every sense
it destroys those who practice it

it diminishes all their efforts
and breaks down their supports
no one notices at first but later
they realize how damaged they are

the thief of time steals in bits
little by little and bit by bit
in the end even the financially fit
wind up sunken in the poverty pit

because of this i will submit
my request to those with wit
that they may run fast from it
the thief of time thats just a cheat

it robs us off our hopes and dreams
of our future and of our present
it breaks up the strongest of teams
it brings shame even to the descent

its about time that we awoke from the sleep
from the idleness that lies so deep
within us and makes us trip
its about time we quit being sheep

we are active in every perspective
as active as we are creative
but delay is mass destructive
bringing down all the submissive

the lamentations i now terminate
with three words that barely relate
thief, and of, and time
©  2013

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