Sunday, 21 July 2013


it really beats my imagination
how we call ourselves a nation
yet we loath with an unbound passion
the different tribes across the nation

it even beats my thoughts to think
how fast this boat will sink
if all the tribes do not link
and unite instead of dividing further

who ever dreams in their sleep of that day
when we have our country run our way
with all pessimism cowed away
by the unity of the tribes of the nation?

what nation is there to speak of
if matters of peace are always brushed off
and war instilled in us thereof
what nation is there to stand and fight for?

a love filled nation is that nation
that we want this and the next generation
to embrace in their hearts with passion
so that peace will reign forever in us

but the difference that we want to see
 starts by how willing we are to look and see
it starts individually with you and me
it starts with the little love in you and me.
©  2013


  1. A great piece bro...It indeed starts with me...

  2. a start of something great...people and faces are forgeten but words pass the test of time




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