Monday, 22 July 2013


When we first met it was night
but in her eyes i could see some light

the way she smiled gave me delight
as i felt high like one on a flight

she had something on her peculiar lips
my eyes! that also took a trip to her hips

something on her chest pointed towards me
and another right behind her pointed backwards

she was a truly beautiful maiden
perhaps destined for eden

i liked her name just as i did her game
so i asked her if she felt the same

but that was the first time we'd met so
it was absurd to say i love you so

then we met on another occasion
one where we discussed profession

she learnt that i was a teacher
and i learnt that she studied nature

we got to know each other and
fell in love 'n' tied the knot in the end

the day finally came when mine became
the name she wrote after her first name

now this day as i write this piece
she's right next to me full of peace

cuddling our first fruit of love
by name Edison Biglurv

that first day we'd met i had known
that what would grow would be unknown
as it is not sheer love alone
it is a partnership that cant be forgone
©  2013

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  1. all I have to say that it is found in the rarest of moments...true




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