Sunday, 28 July 2013


the politicians are ruthless and heartless
'cause for people like me, they care less
they promise nothing but heaven and earth
but once up there they unleash their wrath
their personal needs are all they have concern for
so they leave our needs out and un-catered for

the robbers around are ruthless and merciless
killing, stealing and leaving us penniless
they don't care that we are not all of this earth
that we all came here through birth
they are selfish in every perspective
so they kill and steal just to score a day's meal

the businessmen in town are ruthless and heartless
giving price tags to even that which should be priceless
they hike the prices when we most need them lowered
and they leave us with no way of moving forward
do we call theirs business or sheer theft?
or just ignore that our pockets have nothing left?

the policemen around us are ruthless and merciless
asking for payment for what is their actual duty
they look to us to go on and fill their kitty
and in their hearts there's nothing close to pity
we don't hate the police but despise the men
for allowing greed to, their loyalty, weaken
©  2013

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