Saturday, 27 July 2013

Modern Child

Modern Child
Am without my culture
Hence without my future

Within me are regrets
Of not knowing my country’s secrets

I am indeed an outcast
For that, I blame my past

Had I not gone for the white man’s education
Had I not put his culture into consideration
I would have been a great pride for my nation

But sadly I’ve been cast out
For not speaking my vernacular
For not naming my kids after their grand folks
For not dressing in skin
Like my ancestors did
Am an outcast indeed

Looking back at where I’ve been
I could swear there’s more to it than I’ve seen

Perhaps I had been brainwashed
By modernity as my parents watched

Oh! that reminds me, I barely ever saw them
It was impossible as they came late in the pm

And now grown with a family
But I still live life so cowardly

How I wish………………………..
My offspring would learn what I didn’t
That there will be in them a courageous spirit
A spirit that is liberal -minded
That by modern culture they wont be blinded

And that in them a little tradition will be founded
©  2013

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