Monday, 18 November 2013


Nilikuwa natoka works,walikuwa wanatoka spur kuwax
Tukameet town ndo tujue vile usiku  ita go down
Hatukuwa tumedishi so tukaingia place imejaa wapishi
Tukaagiza food yenye tumezoea kwa hood
Tukakula tukashiba hadi Tumbo zikayumbayumba

Baadaye tukafika mtaa ingine maidhaa
Huku karao wakatubamba Na kutoka ni mathao
So ikakuwa hivyo tukaambiwa tunazurura ovyoovyo
Kufika stesheni wanadai ilikuwa oparesheni
So tukawekwa ndani bila viatu Kama nyani

Keja zilikuwa chafu lakini heri Hizo kuliko bafu
Alafu hakuna place ya kunyora ikabidi mamaps kwa floor tumechora
Mabeast kucheki kuna fresher wakawika kuna feast
Mimi Huyo at the ready n ikakuwa fist...........................

Thursday, 7 November 2013


vile thambi nowadays ziko
kuna madame wengine beautiful na wengine handsome
wale beautiful wanasaka mabwana
wale handsome ni mabwana za mabwana
tunahitaji kuwaombea kwa bwana wa mabwana

watu wanapenda kumangana, stifler
wengine wanapenda kumadana, hitler
kunao wakumess vijana na drugs, dealers
alafu wanaturingia huku na machrysler

divorce imespread ka virusi
loss kubwa ukihesabu budget ya harusi
kwa ndoa kila siku matusi, matusi
hakuna ndoa siku hizi, ni signature kwa karatasi

campo  malecs na mastude wanahookup,
ndo results ziweze kushoot up
suddenly, hadi kuna ruhusa ya kulook up
kwa dictionary
kupata A lazima mtu kulosen up
na kuimaintain ni story na ku shut up

sugar mummies sugar daddies ndo source ya funds za rave
ndo wanachangia vijana kupotea na kumisbehave
alafu kwa church unawapata first line, holy holy dave
na sadaka wanakalia ndo waweze kusave za kumisbehave

siku hizi thambi ni kama kambi
watu kuibambikia bila rambirambi
kitu imekosa maana ni maombi
watu wamedai zii kumwinamia sir Goddy

change inahitajika, ka si saa hii, ni sasa hivi
©  2013

Monday, 28 October 2013

she has it

she has it
everything i look for in a woman
a peculiar voice and angelic smile
a kind heart that's loving and gentle
best believe that all these she has

all the qualities that men are after
the qualities they look for in a partner
the womanly touch they need in their house
these she has and perhaps even more

the kind of lady you only see in a dream
whose femininity is true and authentic
whose lips and hips are made for a man
this one that i have, she has it all

i no longer dream of a life partner
now i live my dream with my partner
and it's  my name that all call her by
and my heart? she owns it

the intelligence that lurks in only the educated
the conduct that can actually be emulated
and the giving heart that cannot be rejected
best believe that all these she has

the concern for those who suffer
and the will to,a lot of help, offer
to stand for whats right and just
this will, this concern, this love, this care, she has
©  2013

Saturday, 26 October 2013


when cheaters cheat they give  reasons
some  do it to boost their self esteem, those i call asses
others do it because they are insecure, now that's foolish
if you cheat because an opportunity came, then you are unstable
and of such things as showing love you are incapable
when you do it for vengeance you lack self-respect
 those who cheat because their parents did, what to say about them
well, cheating is not genetic so....... you have no point
some cheat for pleasure but wait till they experience the pressure
some cheat to build their ego among friends, who cares where your unmentionables(mind the 'b') have been? a list of women or men you've bedded doesn't change that you are not free minded.
those who cheat cause they are dissatisfied are insincere
 need i say that no one has reason to cheat, if not feeling the relationship why then should it be so hard to break up and save people some pain.
©  2013

Friday, 25 October 2013

my love

your touch makes my blood flow in  tides,
your kisses melt down my pride,
i love you, that i cant hide

your voice is a song to my heart,
your choice, i hope, is that we don't part
i love you, that i can't avert

my heart without yours is like the moon without sunlight,
my sight without your view will never be alright,
i have you, that is why i fight

am a lover when it comes to love,
a fighter in defending love,
i urge you, don't play with my heart

if the end comes and we are not together,
and the angels around us gather,
i'll let them know that you are my lover,
cause am with you at heart day after another.
i love you alone, never love another
©  2013

Saturday, 19 October 2013


madam, si ati mi nablush
ni venye tu asubuhi meno sikubrush
so unaweza guess mdono inanuka ka trash
home hakuna toothpaste na siwezi tumia ash
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madam si ati staki kukuhug
vile nimesweat niko sticky ka slug
so unaweza guess i aiint worth a hug
home hakuna maji, iko tu kwa one jug
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madam, si ati staki kutoa viatu
ni vile saa hii tuko mbele ya watu
so nikubalie nikae nazo tu
home hakuna soap, singewea kuosha viatu
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

mrembo, si ati staki kunyoa nywele
ni vile nina dandruff kibao ka mchele
so heri kujidai nataka kulea nywele
home hakuna shampoo, singeweza kuiosha mbele
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii?

madimoisselle si ati staki kukuskiza
ni vile nimejaza wax kwa masikio
hapo unaeza guess kuskia ni tishio
home hakuna earbuds, na siwezi tumia toothpick
niko unclean, utanichukua vile niko au zii
©  2013

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

boundaries for friends

even friends have boundaries
secrets are shared
broken ties repaired
but in the end how you fared
cannot be compared
to how much you cared

love has to exist one way or another
mutual respect for one another
dont do the things that you wouldnt rather
set the rules for friendship
it will only last if it's steadfast

friendship is a gift
nothing within it should create a rift
its the good in it that we should sift
and when one fails the other comes to lift

friends are family, a family outside the other family
when they wrong you, forgive for they also forgive you
but some friends are not worth keeping
so the sooner you tell them off the better
keep those who build you, atleast they serve a purpose

however, your family should also be your friends
they are the most important friends you'll ever have
respect them and they'll respect you back
keep boundaries within your friendships
boundaries are rules and rules are boundaries
©  2013

Monday, 7 October 2013

fight for me

fight for me
make me feel loved
make me feel wanted
dont take me for granted

love me
talk endlessly to me
write songs about me
smile for me and me

before you go, before you fall
just try and hold on to the love we have
think of me, your better half
think of the good times that we have
remember our first time
remember your first dime

do you feel me in your heart
can we  really  be apart
can your heart bear that fact
just remember what you said baby, in the very start.

if you cant hold on anymore
if you dont love me no more
if i am your turn on no more
after revising our past and more
then say goodbye and i\ll cry no more

but if you do i\ll hurt much
thats why i wish you would just fight
fight and fight, fight for me.
©  2013

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


1.if a smile helps heal your wounds, do it often matter what anyone could say, we are the only ones to say what and who we are

3.when people try to pull you down, simply let them loose so you can reach your goal

4.when you fall down, get up.staying down cripples you but by moving on you become a hero loyal to yourself, it is only by that means that you can be loyal to others

6.if you break one leg, dont assume the other one is also dysfunctional, use it your life the way you wish it was now? if not, what are you waiting for?

8.dont shed a tear because you are in pain. do it as a sign that the past has been has been washed away....then move on
©  2013

Friday, 9 August 2013

Thief Of Time

thief of time
the synonym of the word is delay
procrastination for the sophisticated
it is a thief in every sense
it destroys those who practice it

it diminishes all their efforts
and breaks down their supports
no one notices at first but later
they realize how damaged they are

the thief of time steals in bits
little by little and bit by bit
in the end even the financially fit
wind up sunken in the poverty pit

because of this i will submit
my request to those with wit
that they may run fast from it
the thief of time thats just a cheat

it robs us off our hopes and dreams
of our future and of our present
it breaks up the strongest of teams
it brings shame even to the descent

its about time that we awoke from the sleep
from the idleness that lies so deep
within us and makes us trip
its about time we quit being sheep

we are active in every perspective
as active as we are creative
but delay is mass destructive
bringing down all the submissive

the lamentations i now terminate
with three words that barely relate
thief, and of, and time
©  2013

Thursday, 8 August 2013

just freestyling on this one

broken, shaken and laid back,
broken, not dead, broken
can be mended, remade even when forsaken
my life is easy, like what we expect in heaven

cheated, played and back stabbed,
heart stolen, hurt, hats off am back
mistreated, rejected and lips swollen
screwed over, made over, brought down again right over

swore to love never, hate ever forever
broke the oath loved Eva moreover stayed with her
had fights had moments had fighting moments
made up, made out , made love then slept to awaken

now mind is blank, like a vw trunk
wish i had someone to punk or beat up like junk
cause love screwed me up and my feelings sunk
goodnight folks let this in your mind be stuck
©  2013

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


you said you loved her
that you would give your life if it meant saving hers
you promised to stay no matter what happened
and that you'd be with her when she was saddened
yet now that she needs you most you shamelessly fail her,

in bed while making love you asked not to use protection, because you 'loved' her
you promised not to subject her to rejection
in case your gonads and ova made a fusion
but when she told you that the pregnancy test kit turned blue
she suddenly became a whore, an unworthy lady for you
you dump her fast like she was dust on your shoe
and completely denied responsibility for the baby due

now that the child has grown into a star, a super-glowing star
who has you eyes and stature, a beard and nose-edge as sharp as yours
and without a doubt, the same DNA as you
while you were drinking yourself to death, he was growing up
under the care of the one you 'loved'
he became great, a son of your blood and that of your 'beloved'
but you have no rights to him, not two not one
to his success you have no right at all

as you rest gracelessly on your death bed
remember everything
every detail of occurrence
but most importantly
remember what you said!!!
©  2013

Sunday, 28 July 2013


the politicians are ruthless and heartless
'cause for people like me, they care less
they promise nothing but heaven and earth
but once up there they unleash their wrath
their personal needs are all they have concern for
so they leave our needs out and un-catered for

the robbers around are ruthless and merciless
killing, stealing and leaving us penniless
they don't care that we are not all of this earth
that we all came here through birth
they are selfish in every perspective
so they kill and steal just to score a day's meal

the businessmen in town are ruthless and heartless
giving price tags to even that which should be priceless
they hike the prices when we most need them lowered
and they leave us with no way of moving forward
do we call theirs business or sheer theft?
or just ignore that our pockets have nothing left?

the policemen around us are ruthless and merciless
asking for payment for what is their actual duty
they look to us to go on and fill their kitty
and in their hearts there's nothing close to pity
we don't hate the police but despise the men
for allowing greed to, their loyalty, weaken
©  2013

Saturday, 27 July 2013

quote/ encourager

'When u are broken hold onto the pieces, they are easier to work with than the whole'
©  2013

Modern Child

Modern Child
Am without my culture
Hence without my future

Within me are regrets
Of not knowing my country’s secrets

I am indeed an outcast
For that, I blame my past

Had I not gone for the white man’s education
Had I not put his culture into consideration
I would have been a great pride for my nation

But sadly I’ve been cast out
For not speaking my vernacular
For not naming my kids after their grand folks
For not dressing in skin
Like my ancestors did
Am an outcast indeed

Looking back at where I’ve been
I could swear there’s more to it than I’ve seen

Perhaps I had been brainwashed
By modernity as my parents watched

Oh! that reminds me, I barely ever saw them
It was impossible as they came late in the pm

And now grown with a family
But I still live life so cowardly

How I wish………………………..
My offspring would learn what I didn’t
That there will be in them a courageous spirit
A spirit that is liberal -minded
That by modern culture they wont be blinded

And that in them a little tradition will be founded
©  2013

Friday, 26 July 2013

Moyo Wake

Moyo wake
Sikuiba nilipewa
Story ya wizi ni kuekelewa
Wanateta juu walinyimwa
Nikapewa mimi si unaelewa?

Nilipata chance nikaitumia
Nika score high asilimia mia
Wakafeel jealous wakaniingilia
But akabaki nami juu alinikufia

Na si  time ikafly kizee why lie
Tukaanza kupanga maisha ya baadaye
Alijua nataka kupata watoto naye
So tukamarry, na first born humuita mamaye

Kama kawaida migogoro haikosi
Kukasirishana na kutiana wasiwasi
Lakini mapenzi hutia umoja kasi
Moyo wake ni wangu pasi na wasiwasi asii!!!

Wana tulivyopanga tushaanza kupata
Ndoto zetu kufikia faster faster
Gari tumenunua, Chrysler ata
Hamna kutembea kazini patapata!

Monday, 22 July 2013


When we first met it was night
but in her eyes i could see some light

the way she smiled gave me delight
as i felt high like one on a flight

she had something on her peculiar lips
my eyes! that also took a trip to her hips

something on her chest pointed towards me
and another right behind her pointed backwards

she was a truly beautiful maiden
perhaps destined for eden

i liked her name just as i did her game
so i asked her if she felt the same

but that was the first time we'd met so
it was absurd to say i love you so

then we met on another occasion
one where we discussed profession

she learnt that i was a teacher
and i learnt that she studied nature

we got to know each other and
fell in love 'n' tied the knot in the end

the day finally came when mine became
the name she wrote after her first name

now this day as i write this piece
she's right next to me full of peace

cuddling our first fruit of love
by name Edison Biglurv

that first day we'd met i had known
that what would grow would be unknown
as it is not sheer love alone
it is a partnership that cant be forgone
©  2013

Sunday, 21 July 2013


it really beats my imagination
how we call ourselves a nation
yet we loath with an unbound passion
the different tribes across the nation

it even beats my thoughts to think
how fast this boat will sink
if all the tribes do not link
and unite instead of dividing further

who ever dreams in their sleep of that day
when we have our country run our way
with all pessimism cowed away
by the unity of the tribes of the nation?

what nation is there to speak of
if matters of peace are always brushed off
and war instilled in us thereof
what nation is there to stand and fight for?

a love filled nation is that nation
that we want this and the next generation
to embrace in their hearts with passion
so that peace will reign forever in us

but the difference that we want to see
 starts by how willing we are to look and see
it starts individually with you and me
it starts with the little love in you and me.
©  2013


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away When you are happy I pray th...