Wednesday, 26 July 2017


When you smile,  I pray that it's because of me
When you cry,  I pray that only I can wipe the tears away
When you are happy I pray that it's because you are with me
When you are sad I pray that you'll seek comfort in me
When I'm sad only you can lighten me up
When I smile only you can be the reason
When I dance it's coz you make me want to
When I fall it's cause I know you'll lift me up
When I love, I love only you

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

When it's you

Set me on fire, go and let me burn
Cause my heart’s desires give no return
I’m a mask covering failure
Only held together by a faintly beating heart
I’m a void that no one can fill
A mistake that no one can correct
I did you wrong so you saw my bad

Everybody hurts, or so it is said
 But you can only understand when it’s you
Everyone causes someone some pain
And it’s hard to admit when it’s you

Let’s take the truth as it is
Face consequences as they come
Follow our hearts as they break and break with them
Let’s take one for the couples that never were
One for the love that was never felt
And one for the future that we never saw
Besides, everybody dies, but the point gets home
When it’s you

Friday, 14 July 2017


He says

I'm a list of unwritten words
A Concoction of unexpressed emotions
A dry network of veins
I have a shell around my heart
A cage around my soul
An interest in a girl
But a fear of it all

She says

She can read him within his unwritten words
She can feel the emotions he tries so desperately to conceal
She can show him all the ways his dry veins make her moist
She can fight punch by punch to his heart past that seal
She can see beyond that cage where his soul has a voice

An 'interest' is not much to her my dear,
But, she'll be waiting, when he feels Her deeper than he feels fear.

Thursday, 8 June 2017



It’s clear from the distance where I stand that you are deeply into it with her, in love

Your eyes dear friend when you speak of her they sparkle with pride like the morning star

She has your heart, that’s for sure, but dear friend is she really right for you?

Without all the lies that you told her about where you are from

And all the money you pretended to have just to please her

Would she still stick around if she found out the truth?

Because let’s be honest dear friend

When you show up at her doorstep without a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate

You get the reception of a pizza delivery guy only worse without the pizza

Would she still stick around if she found out the truth?

That you are a chauffeur and the car you drive her around in is your workplace

That the expensive places you take her out to squeeze every last coin from your pocket

Or that the golden necklace you gave her last valentines belonged to your bosses side kick

Pull all these together friend and tell me, is she right?

If you proposed today and she said yes would it be because you blinded her with money

Or because she genuinely feels for you?

If you told her you couldn’t afford a honeymoon would she smile and tell you to relax because all she needs is you?

Think dear friend.

Because I see nothing in her eyes to sell love

I hear nothing in her tone to suggest love

I see nothing in her actions to express love.

But I wouldn’t blame her, I blame you

For selling to her a man who doesn’t exist!
©  2017

Monday, 25 January 2016

Tashreef chronicles 3

(I had had the opportunity to visit India for a year in 2017 to conduct business pertinent to oil machinery. I had imagined that the prices there would be fair compared to anywhere else in the world and I was right.Additionally, Kenya had just made its ties with India stronger in various ways and one of them was reducing the duty fee charged of any item imported from India.  It was while there that I made a good number of friends and got to learn some bit of the language). Tashreef, as I had learned is an Urdu word that means 'Honorable'. My boy was definitely honorable, the son of king and his queen. lovely......... just lovely.

The tremors of my phone ringing in my pocket are now becoming unbearable. I have the perfect ringtone, but now its beginning to sound irritable. "This is a moment am having. A good one, why wont they let me have it?" I curse with the presumption that the calls all relate to work. Nonetheless, I dig out the phone from my pocket and pick up for the current caller. Its mum. She sounds utterly joyful as she congratulates me. "Hahahaha, ni kazi ya wawili mum, asante lakini.'(Its the work of two mum, thanks though). My imagination before today was that i would feel heavy in my heart once the child came into our lives and perhaps cut off everything else for him/her. However, now that I am holding him in my arms everything is a bit clearer. I can see being available at home enough hours to be with him. My heart is not heavy because i can only picture the pride that will come from teaching him how to dance and play soccer, or simply watching him learn how to fight(in an actual fight). "Am on my way there son, don't let the little one fall asleep without saying hi to Grannie." Mother says as she hangs up.
 All the while, Marble is in what seems like a 'stupor'. she must be making plans in her mind of how we are going to work on conceiving the next one.... or probably not- not so soon after this experience. ........
©  2016

Monday, 18 January 2016

Tashreef Chronicles Cont 2

We slide swiftly into an empty parking space just past the main entrance of Nairobi hospital
and I call out for a nurse until one comes to us and takes Bayang with him for a quick check up to see if he is okay. I follow them first to mark the room he is in and then  rush to the maternity ward where my beloved should have, by now, brought to life our baby- a boy I hope. ...........
Am breathing heavily-more of a heave than a breathe- and the sharp cry of a baby pierces into my ears tilting my movement into its direction. I cannot keep my expectations from showing on my face. that cry was definitely that of a boy." I tell myself in the midst of the rush. "well, not definitely since judging from the pitch of that voice it could be a very loud girl, but who's asking? we wanted a baby and here He was....... or she.  as i advance the room where my wife is, the child's cry gets louder and an additional one comes up. A happy-sad kind of cry from a person who has just gone through an excruciating pain right before holding, in her hands, a bundle of immense joy.  My brother in-law awakens me from the awing moment that catches me when i peep through the rectangular window-screened part of the door. A heavy pat on the back with congratulations in abundance. excited, I push open the door, rush to where my wife is and lay a kiss on her lips-that I doubt she has ever had before- leaving her breathless-literally- for a short while. "Am really sorry I missed it cakes, Am really sorry." I apologize. 'under normal circumstances I would have expected a ten to twenty minute scuffle or longer depending on what wrong I have done,' but today God is in my favor and forgiveness comes in like it really had to. guess the baby is already proving to be of help to me :-) ..interesting, no?
 I ask to hold my child so I can feel him or her and the nurse says "Be gentle with the boy, dont squeeze his air out." Its a BOY! Yes yes yes!. In the course of the excitement filling the room-or perhaps just me because wifey falls asleep a few minutes after I take the BOY- "Tashreef!" I let out. "Tashreef will be his name." (ofcourse we'll have to discuss this when 'she' wakes up, but am quite certain that she will like it.
©  2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Tashreef chronicles cont 1

The steering wheel seems to escape my control and so does the vehicle.  I can hear a scream-certainly not mine- except its coming from inside the car. Somehow I recapture control of the wheel and steer left  just in time to miss a collision with the ‘pimped up’ passenger bus whose control is clearly no longer with the driver.  I step hard on the brakes and when the vehicle comes to a halt I look back to see the on goings first from inside the car then I step out. The bus rams successively into the jersey barriers until it finally comes to a stop aided by the protruding steel from the last two barriers.  I run to the site fearing for the worst. Fortunately there are no fatalities-God really does exist. Most of the passengers are hurt, but the driver’s condition is worse seeing that his part of the vehicle was the worst hit. Others who had witnessed the incident rush to the scene and together we work to pull everyone out of the carnage. Before long, the Nairobi county government ambulances arrive in tens and the victims are rushed to hospital. It’s a relief that everyone there is okay.

On getting back to my motor I recall the scream that I had heard earlier. I open the back door and lying there unconscious is Bayang. Silly boy must have snack in as I was bidding his parents goodbye at their house where I had been staying while in Turkana. He probably hit his head in the course of the melee that had just taken place. I check his pulse and its utterly weak hence the need to get to the hospital even faster.